Thursday, July 14, 2011


We're all broken.

Hiding that fact about ourselves from others tricks people into thinking there is such a thing as self perfection (or at least something close to it) in this world, and they just can't live up to it ... and it tricks us into thinking we can.

We need to get real, act real, and keep it real.

None of us are any better than anyone else. None of us will ever attain or even come close to perfection, because it doesn't exist in this world. Thank you, Jesus, for helping me allow you to be my perfection.

We can do absolutely nothing without Him. We can do absolutely everything with Him.

Father, it matters not when I have run away from you
or when I have chased after you,
for you're always there.
Like a river carving the rock, you've softened my heart
and drowned me with your overwhelming love.
Angry at times with my inability to escape your raging waters,
I'm forever thankful to bathe in your eternal springs of hope.


  1. "We're all broken."

    A friend of mine recently decided to start dating again after a messy divorce (when are they not messy?). He said, "I'm afraid of having another broken relationship."

    We're all broken. Our relationships are all broken, too.

    The beautiful thing is in the redemption, in the humility, in the forgiveness where you learn that the shards of stained glass becomes an abstract window bearing ours souls.

    Sometimes I have a hard time believing in God and Jesus and all that I say I'm convinced of. But it's the beautiful, broken windows that keep me hoping.

  2. Beautiful comment, John. I've gone through a divorce myself, and I daily navigate the struggles and joys of co-parenting a child with my ex-wife, while being remarried with another child as well. It took a crushing blow to my pride to realize I need to accept my brokenness in order to fully bask in His fullness.