Friday, July 22, 2011


Today was not a good day in Norway. What happened is beyond our understanding. What happened was yet another tragedy in yet another part of the world on yet another day. What happened was yet another reminder of how broken we are, and how lost we can be. I wonder if we've become numb to daily horrors that people experience. I wonder if we've lost perspective and it's only briefly gained when large scale events that we can somehow relate to shock us to the core. I wonder how much it takes to even shock us anymore. Today was not a good day in Norway, and my prayers are with the people affected, as my prayers are with all people affected by tragedy in any given moment on any given day. And still, for me, it was different today ...  

Today was a good day.

Fridays feel good to many people since it marks the start of the weekend, and the weekend for many means no work and all play. That's not why today was a good day.

Today was a good day because I started it by blessing a friend with breakfast as he blessed me with some help I needed. We had a great conversation along the way as well. Real and honest and encouraging.

Today was a good day because I had lunch with another friend who made a point of reaching out to me in order to check in and listen. Not only did he treat me for lunch, he gave me some much needed guidance.

Today was a good day because I met with yet another friend in the afternoon for our weekly time together that just hasn't happened as often recently. We shared our struggles and made a simple plan together.

Today was a good day because I finished it with worship and a message from one of my pastors that was clearly directed toward me. God has a way of doing that.

Friday reminded me that our lives are not meant to be spent idle or in isolation. We're meant to be active and in relationships. I'm fortunate to have a purpose, as well as a wife, as well as daughters, as well as friends, as well as a Savior.

Today was a good day.

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