Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My story is a great story, but not because of anything to do with me. I was baptized, communed, and confirmed in the Catholic faith. Thankfully, my parents introduced me to God, but I certainly didn’t have any relationship with Him. Successful academically and athletically, I floated through school and life. Full of myself, I lived for myself. This led to poor decisions in my youth related to alcohol, drugs, sex, and relationships. Eventually I became consumed in work to at least give an appearance of being devoted to something other than myself. When I was 33, my search for what I needed came to an end when I realized what I needed was always there. With some skepticism and anxiety, but also with an acceptance of the fact that I was completely lost, I followed my parents’ example and connected with God again. This time it was with a realization that He died for me and that I need to live for Him. I couldn’t believe the joy that came with recognizing my faults, accepting God’s grace, and turning my priorities to loving and serving God, my wife, my daughters, and others. Life isn’t easy, and it isn’t meant to be; however, I clearly know the path I am on, even when I stray from it. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and I look forward to spending eternity with Him. My story is a great story, but only because He made it so. Praise The Lord!

God is a river, not just a stone
God is a wild, raging rapids
And a slow, meandering flow
God is a deep and narrow passage
And a peaceful, sandy shoal
God is the river, swimmer
So let go
~ Peter Mayer

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  1. Thanks for posting that Tom! God's grace is wonderful.

    It must be very powerful for a Notre Dame fan to get saved...