Sunday, November 13, 2011


I shift in my chair uncomfortably as I wrestle with what's being shared. "Read The Bible literally," I am instructed. "Don't try to put things into context as it distorts His Word," I am told. "Either everything happened exactly as presented, or potentially none of it is true," I am reminded. And, yet, we listen as items are contextualized. So, I'm confused. Are we supposed to put things into context ... or not ... or both ... or neither ... or whatever happens to be convenient?

I roll my eyes and voice my displeasure as The Good News of Jesus Christ is ignored by those who claim to hold Him as Lord and Savior. The hypocrisy overwhelms me and stirs cynical thoughts, and comments, and actions. Back and forth we go, pulling Him back and forth, back and forth, determined to make clear that His message and actions clearly support our beliefs, not theirs.

It's silly. It's worse than that, but the word "silly" feels better, safer. How much time I waste, we waste, attempting to own Jesus. The lack of humility is astounding. With a wry smile, I'm saddened and encouraged as I turn to Him and give thanks: For loving me and you so much that disagreeing about words and fighting over possession ultimately leads us only to Him.

I got my Jesus. How about you?

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  1. Indeed Tom - I have my Jesus too. Though I don't seem to be as much as much as a fundamentalist as most, I find myself shocked a lot at how people contort the teachings of Christ to justify behaviors, lifestyles, and hate. We could debate forever on what is the right way to believe. I sum up my Jesus in one word - LOVE.

    Thanks for the post.