Monday, September 26, 2011


"He is a voice, shouting in the wilderness."
~ Matthew 3:3

We get lost as to the purpose of reading The Bible, worshiping The Lord, and praying to God. We get lost because we frame it in such a way as to determine the worth through our own eyes. We get lost because, after all, we are lost.

Reading The Bible is meant to challenge us. We can take a passive interest in the words He shares with us, and the messages He attempts to convey to us. We can become flip about what's there since we're consistently challenged by the world about its contents. We know, of course, by way of the number of authors across the span of geography over the duration of time through historical and scientific analysis, it has withstood all the tests like nothing else has. We can become confused or bored about what's there since its complexity exists because of its simplicity. We know, of course, by way of years of study, that we have been given a living and lasting gift, complete in its message. So, there it waits for us to be filled with its truth. Challenging us.

Worshiping The Lord is meant to position us. So often we get caught up in this argument about how worshiping Him is not necessary to Him. He doesn't need us to worship Him, we think. He needs us to live out His message to us rather than waste time worshiping Him, we think. The fact of the matter is, we don't like to worship Him, because it reminds us of our place. Lavishing another in such a way is beyond our comfort zone. And, this would make some sense, if He was just another person, any person. For that matter, it would make some sense, if we didn't already worship other people, even though no person deserves this. Finally, it would make some sense, if we didn't worship things, even though there are no things that deserve this. We all worship something. The questions are, what do we worship that deserves that kind of attention, and what do we worship that puts us in our place? He is above all people and all things, and if we don't understand this, we don't have a proper understanding of who we are and what we need. It's true, He doesn't need our worship. We do. Positioning us.

Praying to God is meant to change us. We think a lot about what we want and what we think we need, but we don't spend much time thinking about what He wants and what He knows we need. Never has prayer impacted me more than when I've let go of my desires, and simply asked God to reveal to me His will and His purpose for what He has in store for me. Never has prayer been so clearly answered than when I've asked God to alter my selfishness, transform myself instead of others, and remind me of the blessings He has provided. Answered prayers to us translates to getting what we want, when we want, the way we want it. God is always answering our prayers, and we'd know that if we just took the time to listen, instead of just taking the time to ask. Believing that prayer is about manipulating God's emotions in order to receive what we want is not only futile, it's silly. Prayer is about remaining faithful to God, allowing hope in Him to transform us, and giving ourselves a makeover of epic proportions. Changing us.

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